News Reporting and Writing Interior Spread Design for Macmillan Learning




Marketing Objective

News Reporting and Writing, now in its Twelfth Edition, is a consistently popular journalism text by a highly regarded team of authors at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Used in introductory journalism courses as well as in news writing courses, the text has a loyal customer base who particularly point to comprehensive coverage, clear writing, up-to-date content, and solid, real-life examples as the major strengths of the text. Its organization, tone, flexibility, smart use of graphics, and additional resources lists are also praised. NRW, widely considered a top competitor in its field, is our sole textbook in the journalism market.


Design Objective

The major change for this edition is the move from a 2-color to a 4-color design, in response to reviewers' comments that the book's design is a major drawback, with a "lack of visual interest." Pages were seen as "bland" and "verbose" and as creating an “unengaging” text. The new design should considerably enliven the text, especially for media-savvy users. A new 4-color design should have a dynamic and contemporary look to appeal to instructors and students who are very cognizant of the latest in media visual design. Pages should be easy to navigate and inviting. The many visuals-photos, screen captures, annotated models, and charts-should impart interest and vitality.


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