News Reporting and Writing Interior Spread Design for Macmillan Learning




Marketing Objective

News Reporting and Writing, now in its Twelfth Edition, is a consistently popular journalism text by a highly regarded team of authors at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Used in introductory journalism courses as well as in news writing courses, the text has a loyal customer base who particularly point to comprehensive coverage, clear writing, up-to-date content, and solid, real-life examples as the major strengths of the text. Its organization, tone, flexibility, smart use of graphics, and additional resources lists are also praised. NRW, widely considered a top competitor in its field, is our sole textbook in the journalism market.


Design Objective

The major change for this edition is the move from a 2-color to a 4-color design, in response to reviewers' comments that the book's design is a major drawback, with a "lack of visual interest." Pages were seen as "bland" and "verbose" and as creating an “unengaging” text. The new design should considerably enliven the text, especially for media-savvy users. A new 4-color design should have a dynamic and contemporary look to appeal to instructors and students who are very cognizant of the latest in media visual design. Pages should be easy to navigate and inviting. The many visuals-photos, screen captures, annotated models, and charts-should impart interest and vitality.


News Reporting and Writing / Macmillan Learning



The Common Application Promotional Materials


These materials were produced for the The Lawlor Group and their client The Common Application


The Lawlor Group focuses almost exclusively on private education. They help colleges and universities, schools, and education associations understand today’s marketplace realities and make informed decisions about what’s next.  The Lawlor Group and Korab Company Design have been partnering in creative promotional materials for over twenty five years.


The Common Application is a not-for-profit, member organization committed to the pursuit of access, equity, and integrity in the college admission process.

The Common Application is comprised of more than 700 diverse colleges and universities from across the world. Each year, nearly 1 million students use the Common Application to submit over 4 million applications.


Reading the Signs of the Times: The University of Dayton in the Twenty-First Century

Cover Concepts and Interior Design

This is a book produce by the Bookhouse Group for the University of Dayton’s tribute to the gowth and expansion brought by the school’s president Daniel J. Curran.


The University of Dayton evolved from a primary school for boys to a pre-eminent Catholic research university. Today, the school continues to make an indelible mark in the world while remaining true to the ageless philosophy of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, founder of the Society of Mary (Marianists), the religious order that founded the school in 1850. The University of Dayton educates for adaptation and change. Researchers develop technology that benefits mankind. The University encourages dialogue between faith and culture. The University fosters community and remains deeply committed to the common good. As the University of Dayton moves forward, it will build upon its strong foundation of educational excellence and religious mission.

Our goal with this book was to reflect that philosophy.



Bourbon Curious Book Jacket Design For Zenith Press


Written by award-winning whiskey writer and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Fred Minnick, Bourbon Curious is an interactive tasting journey to help you choose the right bourbons for your flavor preferences.  We played with images of barrels, tasters and glasses and applied several typographic alternatives to arrive at the image on top.


Bourbon Curious by Fred Minnick, Zenith Press

AccessHealth Logo Design


AccessHealth Chiropractic Center, PC offers a bifurcated service plan.  One, they target active/health conscious adults and athletes and focus on doing sports injury prevention, rehab, PT, etc.  They offers Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), kinesiotaping, diversified adjusting, soft tissue treatment, and strengthening and rehabilitation exercises.  Second, they work with pregnant women, young mothers, prospective mothers, and babies/children.


They are marketing themselves as doctors focusing on the skeletal, nervous, and muscular body systems.  They have a “moderate” view of chiropractic treatment.  That is to say they are not similar to some clinics who have philosophies or services that are sort of “out there.”  Not to put those clinics down, but thats just not the identity they wanted to create.  They want to show they are physical medicine practitioners that focus on preventative and conservative treatments that are practical and affordable, without drugs and surgery.


What they wanted in a logo was it to be professional but on a more organic edge. “We like the color green but really don’t have a commitment to any particular color scheme.  We are hoping for a clean and professional look, but one that is bold.  Greens seems to be a good color because it gives a natural feel.”   We added the leaf to push the natural theme.  The spiritual meaning of a leaf signifies truth.


University of Missouri—St. Louis  “Reflections for a Golden Jubilee 1963–2013”

Cover Concepts and Interior Design


Here are a couple of cover concepts to go with the interior design we had handle earlier for the Bookhouse Group and their client University of Missouri—St. Louis. UMSL, the largest research university in this region, had us create a book celebration of the school’s fiftieth anniversary.  The chosen cover is the one on the right middle column.

With the cover and the interior the school wanted to break from the traditional serif book typography with something more contemporary to match the feeling of the campus.


Public Health Nursing Practice Council Identity


The council wanted to update their logo that used an old photo of a nurse ringing the door with something more contemporary and readable (for such a long title) but retaining their colors and the State of Minnesota.

Here is a before and after.


The Public Health Nursing Practice Council  (or PHN Practice Council) is a collaborative effort between local health department PHN experts and MDH PHN Consultants, which addresses nursing practice issues collectively and systematically in order to develop recommended PHN practice guidelines and tools for PHNs to reference and utilize within PHN practice.


SportWorks Active Chiropractic Identity


The objective for this identity package is to set it apart from other chiropractic firms with it’s unique combination of traditional chiropratic care with pysical therapy that targets active clients. The identity needed to have clean progressive look that had a sports feel.  One of the callenges was that “Chiropratic” had to be the same point size as “Sportworks” without being the dominant visual in the logo.



About SportWorks Active Chiropractic


Patient treatment at SportWorks Active Chiropractic aims to bridge the gap between traditional chiropractic care and traditional physical therapy care.  This is done by providing intensive 20-30 minute sessions that emphasize patient education, soft tissue treatment, and musculoskeletal mobilization.


What sets SportWorks apart from similar practitioners is the unique treatment approach of addressing myofascial adhesions, muscle tonicity, biomechanics, strength imbalances, as well as providing traditional chiropractic adjustments when necessary.


Christmas Guitar

Adam Granger


I want the cover to capture the eloquence and warmth of Adam’s playing.


This is a re-design of a 2005 cover.  As Adam’s wife Renee stated, the old cover had a “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” feel it.  You know: I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas; Nuttin’ For Christmas; I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas; Santa Claus And His Old Lady; you get the picture. It did not match the classic beauty of the songs

Adam performs on this album.  Here is a before and after with some alternative typography.


Adam Granger has giving me the honor of designing his album covers for years.  Adam Granger has written about, taught and played fiddle tunes in the flatpick style for over twenty-five years.  He was a founding and long-time member of the Powdermilk Biscuit Band, which was for many years the house band for the Prairie Home Companion.  Adam has recorded several albums. He emcees and judges fiddle and guitar contests, teaches at music camps and workshops, and performs at folk and bluegrass festivals.